Despite restrictions being slowly lifted, the legalization of marijuana is still a hotly debated topic. In the United States, 29 states have already implemented reforms when it comes to medical marijuana, and 9 states have approved adult use of the plant. There is also a considerable increased in the number of people who regularly use marijuana around the world. Still, the legalization of marijuana has strong opposition, mostly coming from conservatives and senior citizens. Some concerns they raise is how legal weed can impact adolescent access, or how legal weed will impact driving under the influence laws. There are marijuana breathalyzers in development but, unlike alcohol, there is no quick way to test if someone is under the influence of marijuana.

The push to legalize marijuana is still strong around the world, even with all the pushbacks. Medical marijuana, in particular, has proven to bring many benefits to people’s health. Even the claim that the weed is a gateway drug that has been contested and has been proven to be a myth. For people who are curious about why marijuanas should be legal, here are some good points.

It can be taxed

The legalization of weed could bring big revenue for the government through taxation. Legalizing weed means that the government recognizes that it is a commodity that should be regulated and taxed like any other commodities. Try as we might, marijuana is here to stay, and we can only determine who will control it. Getting it taxed means control of the substance will fall on the government instead of the gangs and cartels that thrive because of the prohibition. Prohibition does not mean control; it means there is no control. With prohibition, the government doesn’t gain anything from marijuana but only loses time, money, and effort trying to enforce the prohibition.

Weed is safe than alcohol

It is sort of ironic that in our society today, the two most deadly drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are the legal ones. Annually, we see millions of death around the world because of these two substances, not to mention the countless injuries and illnesses related to alcohol consumption and tobacco smoking. Marijuana is not toxic, and there has never been any documented overdose in recorded human history from its use. The only harm related to weed is in the arrest and incarceration due to prohibition.

Prohibition is costly

Eighty years ago, the Marijuana Tax Act was enacted nationwide in an attempt to suppress that use of the plant. During that time, maybe only a few thousand people were regularly smoking pot. But today, almost half of the population under the age of 50 has tried using marijuana in some form or another. It is the third most popular drug after alcohol and tobacco. All this despite the drug technically considered “illegal.” Yet countless people have been arrested for the use and possession of this so-called illegal drug. Lives have been torn apart and ruined, billions of dollars spent on prosecution and incarceration of many individuals over a drug that’s basically harmless.

It can create job opportunities

Many states that have legalized medical marijuana have seen a boon to the job market. The legalization of cannabis along with its growth up to 2025 could potentially lead to the creation of more than a million jobs. Most of these jobs center on the production of the plant; in farms, processors, retailers, and distributors. Ancillary pot businesses could also benefit from this growing market. Consulting firms and software developers will see an uptake in clients centered on the pot industry. Financing and lending companies, construction firms, and building retail outlet will also get a piece of the marijuana cake once it is legalized nationwide.

Pot is a safe therapeutic supplement

While the legalization of medical marijuana is a huge win for the industry, recreational use is still prohibited. In states where weed is legal, anyone who can afford the $100 marijuana license has easy access to the drug, yet countless many are still being sent to jail for its possession. That’s because not everyone has the money to get checked by a doctor and have the money to get the license, so many of them turn to the black market. Many disabled and sick people who are supposed to benefit from the plant will have to do without it due to financial reasons. Legalizing weed will considerably lower the cost of the product and it can easily be accessed without having to pay for a license.

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