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Now that the public’s view of cannabis consumption is slowly moving away from contempt and judgment to that of indifference or curiosity, we are given more freedom to try different varieties of the plant. What was largely seen as a substance to be smoked has evolved to be consumed in many different ways. There is the act of vaping that so many young people are a fan of. There are salves and creams one applies to their skin. And there are tinctures and oils that can be applied topically or ingested.

But this article will talk about a method of cannabis consumption that so many fans still consider their favorite way of consuming cannabis, eating. We’ve all heard of space brownies and have funny stories on how it’s affected us at one point or another. But what many people do not realize is that cannabis-infused brownies are only a very small part of the potential for cannabis to be used in food. There are virtually endless possibilities and people have begun experimenting how. Why you may ask. Well, below is a list of reasons why edibles are a great way to consume cannabis.

Controlled dosing

When it comes to cannabis edibles, dosing is everything. Often times, this is very hard to control when talking about other methods of marijuana consumption like smoking. But with edibles, there is greater control over what gets included and by how much. THC and CBD, the two active ingredients of cannabis, can be carefully controlled in edibles. Fans of THC and its effects can consume edibles without CBD in it, and vice versa. Those who want a stronger effect can opt for edibles with high THC and CBD content. Likewise, those just starting out with cannabis use can select one with milder effects.


One major drawback of consuming marijuana the traditional way (i.e. smoking) is its indiscretion. Not only is it very obvious that you are smoking weed, even when you’re unseen, but its smell is a tell-tale sign you’re under its influence. It sticks to your skin, clothing, and everything else close by, which is why many people prefer getting their cannabis fix through edibles. They are convenient and discreet. Eating one would never get a rise out of anyone’s eyebrows because you just look like someone popping in a gummy.


Cannabis-infused edibles are also very accessible in any form you want. From the aforementioned gummies to pastries, there are almost limitless ways people can infuse cannabis into food. It gives people the option of not only getting the benefits of cannabis but they’re also able to enjoy a food item they love. From elixirs to chocolate bars and fruit strips, virtually anything can be infused with cannabis these days which helps to increase the public’s perception of cannabis consumption which was limited to just smoking a few decades ago.

Cooking with Cannabis

Many have commented on cannabis helping to enhance the flavor of many dishes. The most popular example is space brownies but it can also be infused in pizza, butter, or granola. There are even unique recipes infused with cannabis like quinoa salad with cannabis, a healthy option while still getting the full effects and benefits of the plant.

The recent phenomenon of farm to table gourmet cooking has elevated cannabis cooking to new levels. New recipes both online and in cookbooks have made even the most popular culinary fans engaged and captivated.

Part of Tradition

Humans have always had cannabis as part of their diet for thousands of years in the past. Archaeological sites in China have revealed evidence that cannabis seeds and oils have been used for food preparation in the region for thousands of years. The Hindi culture in India has held festivals celebrating the effects of marijuana by drinking Bhang, a drink made from ground marijuana leaves and Ghee. Cannabis cooking has also been found in several other ancient cultures such as the Arabs, whose culture strictly forbids the use of alcohol. Even to this day, cannabis continues to make an impact in our cuisine. Eating edibles infused with cannabis isn’t just natural for us humans but connects us with our ancient ancestors who have enjoyed the plant’s effects and benefits for countless generations.

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