Now that a lot of states and countries are warming up to the idea of medical marijuana, there is a lot more demand for it. But for some, there are still a lot of questions about medical marijuana; where to buy, how to use, and its manner of storage.

There is no specific time frame that you can store medical marijuana but following the tips below can certainly help with prolonging the life of your medical marijuana. It can even last up to two years with proper storage. The key thing to remember is to avoid exposing your medical marijuana to oxygen as it can lead to its degradation. But cannabis will degrade naturally no matter what you do. Oils and edibles lose their efficacy even when you store it properly. It’s best that you consume them as intended instead of hoarding a lot of products and storing them for a long time.

If you do plan to store medical marijuana for a long time, take care to store them properly, avoiding exposing them to extreme temperatures and humidity, preventing light exposure, and storing them away from unwanted hands.

  1. Temperature Control

Too much heat is very bad for medical marijuana, the same goes for too cold an environment. The perfect temperature for storing medical marijuana is above 77 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent molds from growing. Storing marijuana in a hot environment can also desiccate it and lessen its potency, not to mention also damage it. Storing it at freezing or above freezing temperature can also damage the bud structure which also leads to a lesser efficacy of the drug. Never store your medical marijuana in the fridge as the fluctuation in humidity and temperature can cause mold and mildew to grow.

  • Humidity Level

Also, take care to store your medical marijuana in an ideal humid environment. Too much moisture can, as previously stated, promote the growth of molds on the plant. Likewise, storing it in a too dry an environment can cause the bud to be damage due to drying out. Humidity is expressed in percentage of relative humidity and the perfect range for storing medical marijuana is at around 60% to 65% of relative humidity.

  • Airtight Containers

Because of marijuana’s sensitivity to humidity and temperature, the best way to store marijuana is by putting it in an airtight container. Being exposed to oxygen can degrade your medical marijuana making it lose its efficacy. If you plan to store your marijuana for a long time, vacuum seal it to minimize the plant from oxidizing and prolonging its life. There are a number of marijuana containers available online but many experts and enthusiasts all use traditional means of storing such as glass containers and mason jars. They come in a variety of sizes and some are even tinted for light protection.

  • Keep it in the Dark

Make sure that your marijuana is kept away from direct sunlight. In fact, the darker the environment, the better for the plant. UV rays can degrade the plant and is the main cause behind cannabinoid deterioration. This is quite similar to leaves turning brown after falling from the branches. Store your medical marijuana in drawers or cupboards to avoid light exposure. Using dark tinted containers can also prevent light from damaging the plant.

  • Avoid Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are not only bad for the environment, using them to store your medical marijuana can lead to bud and flower damage, lessening its efficacy. The active compounds of the plant such as THC and CBD are also attracted to plastic, pulling them away from the plant and sticking to the plastic itself. Storing medical marijuana in plastic baggies for a long time can also affect the taste of the plant as well as its overall potency.

  • Out of Reach

I think this is pretty obvious but it’s worth repeating. Like any adult medication, store medical marijuana out of reach of children and also pets. Any form of cannabis is bad for children and could affect their mental development so be smart about how you store your medical marijuana. Pets have also been known to get into stored medical marijuana especially when they are in edible forms.

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