From gummy bears to cookies and brownies, the oral consumption of marijuana products, often colloquially termed edibles, have been common and popular since the drug gained public awareness. And while its effects on people are relatively similar to that of smoking, there are a few marked differences between eating cannabis compared to all other forms of consumption. Here is everything you need to know about marijuana edibles.

Edibles come in all forms

Marijuana can be incorporated into virtually any kind of food. This means edibles can look just like regular food. This makes accidental ingestion of edibles very real. In places where cannabis is legal for consumption, manufacturers of edibles are asked not to make their products appealing to children to discourage accidental ingestion. In the public consciousness, common food items infused with cannabis are cookies, brownies, and cupcakes. Edibles provided by Triple Loud include chocolate, rice krispies, brownies, sour watermelons, fuzzy peaches, sour keys, sour worms and potato chips.

It helps to start small

When you’re new to edibles, it might do you a world of good if you start small. In fact, there is a strong movement campaigning that edibles should have no more than 5 milligrams of THC. One reason is that marijuana-infused food takes a while to take effect compared to that of smoking. Because of this, people tend to overeat on edibles before its effects are felt. Start small and wait. Stick to the 5-milligram maximum and see how it affects you. If its effects are too underwhelming for you, you can always eat more.

Sit and wait

Smoking or vaping marijuana gives you an almost immediate high. But eating marijuana edibles takes some time to have its effects since the body has to digest food and release the active compound of cannabis into the body. Normally, the effects of edibles take around 30 to 90 minutes before it’s felt. But when you do feel it, trust me, it’s going to be powerful, more powerful than smoking, and the high is going to last longer, sometimes up to 12 hours.

Edibles are more potent

Food infused with cannabis is far more potent than any form of consumption. This is because of the way the body metabolizes tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, an active compound of the body that, among other effects, generates the feeling of being high. THC is metabolized in the liver, changing into different forms during the process. Once it enters the bloodstream and spread around the body, its effects are twice as strong and last twice as long as when it is inhaled or smoked.

The effects are the same but at different rates

Consumers of edibles feel its effects at different rates. The rate at which THC and other compounds of cannabis are absorbed in the body varies from person to person. As mentioned earlier, the effects of edibles can be felt after 30 to 90 minutes but there are people who feel the effects only after 2 to 6 hours after consumption. Factors like age, gender, and rate of metabolism also affect how long the effects are felt. Past consumption of edibles also plays a role in its effects.

Careful what you pair edibles with

As noted, edibles release their active compounds in the digestive tract. So it only makes sense that you’ll feel a stronger effect when you consume edibles on an empty stomach. This is a perfect excuse to give in to the munchies even before you feel stoned. Also, be careful about chasing down edibles with alcohol. It can lead to very messy results.

No recorded cases of overdose

While it is crucial to know how your body reacts to different quantities of edibles, consumers can rest assured that there are no recorded overdose cases related to marijuana edibles. The over consumption of edibles might make you feel really uncomfortable, but the effects won’t be fatal.

Enjoy it somewhere safe

Lastly, the best way to enjoy a good batch of space cookies or “special” brownies would be eating and getting stoned in a safe environment. If you like to socialize while high, it’s best you opt for smoking or vaping cannabis. If it’s your first time on edibles, best to play it safe and do it in a calm and comfortable environment. Others prefer to enjoy their high when they’re at home watching a movie.

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