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What’s up buds this is Larry from Triple Loud and in this article, I’m going to teach you how to roll a joint. Alright, so first getting your grinder your sticky-icky and you’re going to grind up the weed iron man. Once you get your weed all nice and finely grounded, you’re going to need a few seasons papers filter tip and the way I like to do my filter tip is that I hold it back and forth. make like a W, and I roll it into itself but doesn’t matter pros you can fold it however you like to make your filter-like. It doesn’t matter I hope you guys are having a beautiful day getting blasted with THC or about to give a baked after this article. Alright, once you got that down, you can get your paper sticky side up facing you and then get your herb you’re going to split it all over your paper. Make sure to get it nice and even I’m using about a gram in this joint also make sure to leave a little bit of space on the left side of the joint for your filter tape all right. Now you’re going to lightly pack the herb down so that it’s not falling all over the place. Alright, then you’re going to get your filter tip, and you’re going to clip it on to the left side of the joint. The reason you’re doing this is that it’s going to help you roll up the joint so that all you have to do with your right hand is making sure that everything is staying in place, and it just rolls up nicely. Also, when you’re rolling the joint, don’t focus too much on the right side; get the form of it to focus more on the left side and getting that filter tip nice and tight. You’ll be able to fix that right side afterwards you alright next you’re going to lick the glue and seal the tip in. Alright, but make sure to lick the adhesive all the way through make sure it’s nice and sealed. Now you’re going to pat down your sticky icky, and then you can unpack down your joint, and you’re going to do this, so it prevents canoeing or uneven burning. You get a nice slow burn to make sure to save your weed twist up the ends of your joint, and you are done, my friends. You got a nice cone joint little to no effort pretty simple now enjoy a man enjoy the herbs enjoy the Cannabis have a beautiful day peace from Triple Loud.

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