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Hey, it is Triple Loud shatter dabs and wax. Today we are going to look at several ways to smoke shatter wax and rosin along with the pros and cons of dab rigs and nails. Dab pins vaporizers e nails and nectar collectors, we can find all these products and more from an online head shop, and we can save money. Perhaps the O.G. of ways to do dabs is the right dab or oil rig fitted with the titanium nail or quartz banger, and is genuinely is the most effective way to smoke shatter. We will get an instant rush and usually get the most out of our wax. As it vaporizes in seconds, dab rigs might be one of the most effective ways of doing dabs. Still, there are drawbacks such as needing a torch and gas to heat the nails and also a recovery time to reheat it. Now for the next dab, even when we use high heat into the process, we also sacrifice safety to some degree dab pens. On the other hand, they are one of the safest methods to smoke shatter. These types of pens use quartz ceramic or metal coils to heat the shatter.

Enclosed inside of glass or metal cap, these types of enclosures can be useful and give hauls. However, it usually will take several dabs to the smoke the same quantity of shatter as doing a single dab. Another con to wax pens is that the unveiled wax builds up, and they require constant cleaning to keep functioning correctly. Some vaporizers that are for dry herb can also vaporize wax. These devices provide a cup or pod that inserts into the dry herb heating chamber to vaporize the shatter. The methods are convenient, but the cons are that they often do a mediocre job of vaporizing wax as they lack the heat that’s required, and the small pods can be frustrating and complicated. So, it is challenging to keep the heating chamber clean for dry herb. Nectar collectors or vacuum systems could be the Holy Grail of Dab methods. The devices use a heated tip that we can dip directly into the shatter. There are both electric collectors. As well as those requiring external heat sources such as a torch one significant advantage of the collector type rig is that we can get massive hits when we are dipping the tip directly into the wax. Still, they can have a bit of a learning curve and a little bit awkward to use. Perhaps the biggest favourite among divers is the e-nails are very similar to the standard titanium nail on an oil rig.

Furthermore, e-nails can set a precise temperature and a heating element that will keep the nail continuously heated and ready for a dab. The pros of e-nails are that it is prepared for a DAB any time that it is on, and we can set to precise temperatures. Moreover, we also can-do back-to-back dabs without having to reheat. It is safer than using open flames and is more convenient than needing more butane. Unfortunately, these devices require a power source and may not be portable. It is also very comfortable to use, so we will blast through our shatter very quickly and passing out on the couch very early. Whichever method we choose, dabbing shatter so long as it is free of impurities is healthy. Smoking cannabis by not smoking or vaporizing the plant materials, we are putting less unnecessary chemicals into our bodies.

Furthermore, by taking concentrated doses, we are required to burn less frequently, not to mention that the time it takes to do it to have is far quicker than the time it takes to smoke a conventional bulb or unusually a blunt, but if everyone is an everyday diver like us. An excellent e-nail setup likely is the way to go, but if we only occasionally dabber prefer to vaporize, then a three-in-one vape pen that does wax too might be satisfactory. An inexpensive wax pen might be perfect for the beginner just looking to dabble in wax shatters and rosin concentrates.

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