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People are most commonly micro-dosing with LSD and psilocybin mushrooms . Microdosing is when we take a low amount of a psychedelic, usually 1/10 of a regular dose, and we do it twice per week for a period of two to three months. The benefits that people are noticing have to do with improves creativity and a sense of focus. A better sense of general well-being so many people who have clinical depression are looking at it as an antidepressant. A lot of the risks are around lack of infrastructure and research. Many people will sometimes take a little bit too much, and they will go to work on the first day. It is essential that if people microdose that they do it in a very comfortable study. The results are never guaranteed. We think this is particular to our situation or whatever it is doing. General reported benefits, but in terms of the clinical research that we have. We think it is different for every individual, which is why it is imperative to monitor it closely. The first thing to monitor is like our energy levels and our sleep levels because sometimes, if our micro-dosing too much, it can cause enough stress that would keep ourself awake. We also want to monitor our feelings. If we get feelings of anxiety, many people who are getting into it have gone into general anxiety, and that sometimes accentuates them. The best thing to do is just generally journal write maybe two or three minutes and also when we go into that understanding why we are doing it for ourselves. There are two main avenues for future research as effective at helping to treat clinical issues like depression. Resistant depression treatment may help with addiction or PTSD. The other thing is the intersection of LSD micro-dosing and creativity.

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