Whether you call it getting stoned, high, or baked, the ability of cannabis to relax both the body and the mind continues to be the number one reason that many people consume it. More than getting people high, cannabis has multiple benefits that have only been revealed through recent studies and clinical trials. For one thing, it can address chronic pain that many people currently suffer from around the world. It can treat muscle spasms and tension. Patients of debilitating illnesses have also turned to cannabis to resolve some of their issues like nausea and vomiting as well as the loss of appetite. But different strains have different effects on the body depending on the THC and CBD levels they contain. Here are five strains and how they affect the body.

  1. Blue Desire

This strain is loaded with sativa with little hints of indica for greater balance. It gets its name from its eco-friendly and dark coloration of the leaves which is due to high levels of trichomes. This strain is commonly used for people who suffer from insomnia so it is best taken in the evenings. Blue Desire has also been used as a baseline medication for people who suffer from any discomfort, be it pain or muscle tension. Blue Desire is a popular choice in many dispensaries across states and countries with legal weed. A classic night-time medication, many people who suffer from some form of pain or sleeping issues have benefited from taking the Blue Desire.

  • Green Crack

The name might be a little off-putting but don’t let that fact discourage you from trying the Green Crack should you get the chance. Another sativa-dominant strain, the Green Crack is popular for its greenish-orange appearance as well as its sweet aroma with an intense body. The high levels of sativa in this strain make it perfect for people who are suffering from chronic pain or for patients with depression or other mental problems. The strain is short-acting, with its effects felt immediately after smoking. Because it doesn’t cause lethargy, the Green Crack can be used during the day so patients suffering from pain can take full advantage of its sedative effects.

  • White Berry

This next strain is a proud indica-dominant beauty with its intense purple coloration. Considered to be the best hybrid around, White Berry has gained a lot of fans over the years because of its unique effects on the body. Many people who suffer from medical issues like muscle spasms and muscle pain have benefited from the sedative effects of the White Berry. It’s perfect for people with restless leg syndrome or other problems related to the muscular system. A highly rated indica-dominant strain, the White Berry is best consumed at night time as it is known for a strong and full-body effect on both the mind and the body which is typical for most hybrids.

  • Canna Sutra

This is another strain with an interesting name. A funny play on the classic India text on sexuality and eroticism, the sativa-dominant Canna Sutra boasts an extremely sweet and citrusy aroma. It got its interesting moniker because of its strong aphrodisiac effects. The high that comes from the Canna Sutra is best described as reminiscent of classic cannabis high with lemon undertones. The Canna Sutra is most popular as a mood elevator for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It also has bronchodilator properties making it perfect for people who suffer from panic attacks and those with asthma. This strain is a popular bud of choice around the world. The way it delivers its effects has surprised hardcore indica fans.

  • A-train

A cross between an Afghani and the popular Trainwreck, the A-Train is a strong indica-dominant strain quite popular because of its zesty and citrus flavors. Its effects are reminiscent of the classic indica with its ability to relax the body, addressing pain, and resolving nausea and vomiting many patients experience. It’s mostly used for people with a suppressed appetite and those experiencing glaucoma. Because of its sedative and relaxing effects, the A-Train is recommended for evening use and will greatly facilitate restful sleep. Highly praised for its smooth texture and flavor, the A-Train helps maintain the popularity of all indica strains. Having received multiple awards throughout the years, the A-Train maintains to be a popular strain in many dispensaries.

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